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Lilit Arzoyan

CSO Depo Expert

  • Fundraising
  • Organizational development
  • Network-building


Lilit’s key focus areas are organizational development for civil society organizations and youth empowerment.


Lilit Arzoyan works at Eurasia Partnership Foundation as Project Manager in the Civil Society Organizations Development Program (CSO DEPO). As part of her job, she focuses on assisting local organizations to build their organizational capacities and improve sustainability. Lilit also coordinates YouthBank International Program in Armenia for youth leadership and empowerment.


Previously Lilit worked in IT sector - at LimeTech LLC to assist in business development and public relations of the company thereby getting certain expertise in organizational management and business strategy.

Given the background and interest in innovations, occasionally, Lilit acts as researcher and consultant on e-governance development-related areas in Armenia. One of recent studies was published as part of Situation Review: Safety and Security of Cyberspace and E-Democracy in the Eastern Partnership Countries (2017).

Lilit worked on various international organizations and EU funded projects: such as “Transactional e-Governance Development in Armenia” project funded by EU and “Social Innovations Lab (Kolba Lab)” project implemented by UNICEF and UNDP. Lilit Arzoyan has background in economics, management and finance.

Apart from her expertise in civil society development, fundraising, program management and democracy building tools, Lilit’s specific interests include Social Entrepreneurship, Youth Development and e-Governance.

Capacity Building and Organizational Development Experience

• Fundraising

• Network-building

• Organizational development

• Finance and administration

• Business strategy

Previous Clients

  • Eurasia Partnership Foundation
  • World Bank Armenia
  • e-Governance Academy Foundation
  • UNICEF- Armenia
  • Safege Eptisa SARL

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