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Last updated 25 July, 2017

Compass Research and Consultancy Center

From February, 2014 “Compass” research, training and consultancy center is registered as an NGO. Center is aimed to efficiently develop social, economical, public, political and other spheres of Armenia through provision of research, education and counseling services.

Goals of the Center are:

  1.   To promote the development and implementation of efficient policies for the development of different spheres of life,
  2.  To contribute in raising awareness among citizens, developing civil society and democracy, capacity building in different sectors,
  3.   To promote the spread and enlargement of research activities among youth.

Objectives of the Center are:

  1.   To conduct researches and analysis of the policies developed by state and local governmental bodies in social, economical, demographical, cultural and other spheres of life,
  2.   To provide necessary counseling to civil society institutions, businesses, entrepreneurs, businessmen and other organizations and individuals,
  3.   To implement advocacy activities and programmes,
  4.   To organize professional trainings, seminars, non-formal education activities, symposia, conferences, meetings, round-table discussions, debates and other educational and scientific event around different topics.

The srtategic directions of Cetner are:

1. Development of community and Local Governance;
2. Social-Economic, demographic researches;
3. Enterpreunership development.



Civil Society Development, Business and Economic Development