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Last updated 15 March, 2019

Counterpart International Inc. Representation in Armenia

“Counterpart International” has its branch in Armenia since 2001. The aim of the branch is to support the civil society of Armenia to build a strong and democratic country, based on advocacy and mobilization of the civil society. The “Counterpart International Inc.” Armenian representation highlights the Civil Society/Local Government Support (CSLGS) Program of 2010-2014 within the framework of which about 2000 different trainings were organized for 70.000 beneficiaries, and  7 million US dollars were allocated to NGOs and partnering communities with a view of implementing about 700 various projects. The grant programs were directed towards community development, establishment of a participatory and responsive local government system and civil society development. The organization helps people to find innovative and sustainable solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges.



Civil Society Development