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Last updated 15 March, 2019

Peace Dialogue

Peace Dialogue is an NGO registered in Armenia in 2009. It unites different peace and civil activists from Armenia, Russia, Georgia, Germany, and the Netherlands. 
For more than six years, Peace Dialogue NGO has been working in the peace-building field and, with its partners, has tried to create a peace movement and peace culture in the Caucasus region.

Guided by its partners’ years of international experience in different conflicting regions and by its own local and regional studies, Peace Dialogue highlights the importance of

  • overcoming the culture of indifference and silence,
  • developing citizens’ critical and analytical thinking so that they can differentiate reality from propaganda,
  • emphasizing non-violent resistance,
  • recognizing the importance of the role and voice of the citizen,
  • promoting civilian supervision of decision-making processes, and
  • ensuring civil participation in the peaceful resolution of local, national, and regional conflicts.

Through civil engagement (the development of civil activism), Peace Dialogue promotes a culture of peace and tries to contribute to forming a global peace movement. In such a culture, everyone would understand their role and responsibility in the community and in peace acquisition and maintenance in the country and the region. Citizens would be vested with the right to demand peace from the authorities and struggle for the rule of law, social justice, and civic engagement in social and political processes.

Given the existing problems and socio-economic context, it is expected that education, non-violent resistance, and change-directed dialogue are the best methods for promoting the organization's four main strategic directions: formation of peace-building and civil potentialformation of respect for human rights and democratic valuespromotion of civil peace initiatives, and advocacy on behalf of victims of conflicts.



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